New Arrivals

New Ribbon
2004 Toyota NCZ20
Condition: Very Good
Mileage: 79000
Stock#: 0052
New Ribbon
2002 Toyota NZE124
Condition: Very Good & Clean
Mileage: 59256
Stock#: 0053
New Ribbon
2005 Toyota NZE121G
Mileage: 95362
Stock#: 0055
New Ribbon
2005 Toyota NZE121
Mileage: 65000
Stock#: 0055
New Ribbon
2002 Toyota MCU25W
Condition: Very Clean
Mileage: 93012
Stock#: 0056
New Ribbon
2005 Toyota NCP60
Condition: Clean & Lovely
Mileage: 110000
Stock#: 0060

Prices Of Used Jaspanese Cars Reduced Drastically

Due to the political and economic turbulence in some parts of Africa, the prices of almost all used Japanese cars including trucks, buses has drastically reduced.  This has created a great opportunity for interested buyers of quality Japanese vehicles from Africa, Australia and other parts of the world. We urge our customers to consider buying […]


Introducing Used Japanese Auto Parts Yard

It is a pleasure for me to introduce our used Japanese auto parts yard (wrecking yard, scrapyard or junkyard) is located in Gifu Prefecture near Nagoya. We bring wrecked or decommissioned vehicles to dismantle them. The yard is conveniently located in the middle of Osaka and Tokyo, the two largest airport cities of Japan. Our […]


Value of Used Japanese Auto Parts For Our Customers

Every now and then, we are flattered by  words of praise by our customers of used Japanese auto parts which we sell them in bulk on container basis.  The question is why the customers of Yokohama Cars Japan like to buy used Japanese auto parts in such a big quantity? In fact, at any moment […]


Buy High Quality Used Japanese Cars With Low Mileage

Yokohama Cars Japan is one of the best used Japanese cars exporters which can actually supply you very high-quality used Japanese cars which have very low mileage and, actually were used by one owners for several years. Many other Japanese used car export companies may claim the same  while trying to sell their used Japanese […]


Yokohama Cars Japan Can Supply You All Types Of Used Japanese Auto Parts

Yokohama Cars Japan is a dedicated team of used Japanese Auto Parts, and vehicle professionals supplying used auto spare parts or salvage parts and vehicles from Japan to anywhere in the world. Inshallah, we can quaranttee you about the quality of these used Japanese auto parts. We are targetting our customers internationally who are interested […]